Thursday, February 9, 2012

William Katt...A Super Guy

William Katt is one of those actors who is usually remembered for one role in particular, despite having a lengthy and successful career.  Katt starred on tv's The Greatest American Hero (1981-1986) as Ralph Hinkley, a role which catapulted him to stardom.  It is also the role to which he is most identified.
I really like Katt because he doesn't seem to mind that.  A lot of actors bristle at such.  Some even distance themselves from their high profile role.  Katt will gladly talk about his other work, like his recurring role in the 1980's Perry Mason tv movies, but he doesn't grimace when someone mentions the Hero role.  In fact, when I met Katt at the Days of the Dead convention, he grabbed an 8x10 of himself as the Greatest American Hero for display in the photo, joking that it would help people realize who he was.
Katt was very personable and took time to talk to everyone.  He made you feel appreciated and he expressed gratitude to everyone for stopping by his area.  It was a real pleasure meeting him.
William Katt and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2011.


Reivax said...

Man, you get to meet all the cool people!
William Katt, Dan Quisenberry and I all have something in common --- We all went to Orange Coast College! However, I'm not in the OCC Hall of Fame, lol.

Cory said...

I love his movie "House". Such an offbeat and refreshing movie for it's day.

Johngy said...

Reivax-HOF or not, I promise, if I ever meet you, I'll post it right here!
Cory-Agreed on House!