Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Air with Tony Pasko

I have written about Tony Pasko a few times.  He is the pitcher and leadoff hitter on our softball team.  He works for Empire Carpet and hs been known to appear in ads for them.
I always enjoy seeing Tony appear in the tv ads.  I especially like seeing if Tony appears in new ads when they appear.  He also appears in short Empire videos online.
Tony is a great guy and a great friend.  He has covered for me too many times to remember when my defensive abilities come up short on the softball field and he never complains.  He does give me a good ribbing on occasion, but that's part of the fun.
The photo below is an odd photo in that it appears Tony is alone on the field.  In reality, this is an actual game photo.  I am the catcher (but not the photographer).  One of our fans must have taken this shot, but framed it in such a way as to eliminate any trace of any other player.

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