Friday, June 24, 2011

Revisiting the Genie Francis Experience

Genie Francis was one of the most popular celebrity guests I have ever seen at any convention.  The Motor City Comic Con scored a great double feature in landing Francis and her husband, Johnathan Frakes from tv's Star Trek.  Between the two, they had almost every genre and fan age group covered.
Francis is best known for her role as Laura on tv's General Hospital.  I wouldn't call her a one hit wonder, maybe more like a one-role wonder, but a super big role it has been.
The reaction to Francis was crazy.  Women shrieked.  Some even cried.  There were also men who abandoned the usual macho shield and admitted they had watched her for years.
I don't think Francis had done many conventions before.  That could count for some of the zeal of her fans.  I think it is more than that though.  I think Francis is just one of the rare celebrities with whom people feel a genuine connection.  It's as if she grew up with us.
It's because of all of this that I would put Francis in my Top Ten of unique celebrity experiences.
Genie Francis and me in Novi, MI-May 2008.

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Core Contrarian said...

I was in college while the "wedding" was going on. Anyway, I showed up to class one afternoon and hardly anybody was there. Like 10-20% attendance. I asked somebody what was going on and was told "Luke and Laura are getting married today". Ah, the 80's!