Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #60 A Salute to Major League

This is a regular series which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebs.  With the All-Star break upon us, the baseball season is half over (or completely over for Chicago fans).  I am trying to stay in the baseball spirit by featuring Celeb Jersey Cards for the stars of the Major League movies.  I know this has been done by several others, but now it is my turn to put a Johngy's Beat spin on it.

Charlie Sheen has been around forever.  A reporter once asked him if he could really throw 100 mph.  Umm...not even sure how to comment on that.
Tom Berenger played catcher Jake Taylor.  I think he looks great on the 1977 card.  He'd also probably have looked good on that Indians team.  He might have beaten out Alan Ashby for the starter job.
At 3rd base was Corbin Bernsen.  Bernsen's in-action shot is unique for the 1960's cards, but I make the cards, I make the rules.
The late James Gammon looks like any other manager in the 1960's except for his hair length.
I have no doubt that Dennis Haysbert would have made the 1978 Indians.  Johnny Grubb and Rick Manning were solid, but I know he would have stolen at-bats from Paul Dade.  That's a tough looking card!
This card recalls the early 70's Spring Training shots.  Wesley Snipes is diving back into a base, while another player looks to be skipping in the background.  His speed would have been nice compliment to Brett Butler's on the mid-80's Indians.
Longtime Dodgers catcher Steve Yeager played coach Duke Temple.  That's enough to merit a Celeb Jersey Card.
David Keith played Jack Parkman, the Indians free agent catcher who was later traded to the Chicago White Sox.  Could he have beaten out the Sox catchers of that era (Milt May, Wayne Nordhagen and Bill Nahorodny)?
Cy Young award winner Pete Vuckovich never hit a home run in his career, but he played Clu Haywood, a thumping 1st baseman for the New York Yankees.  This might be my favorite card of my salute to Major League.  If this was a real card, other bloggers would be studying it to determine which catcher is visible behind him (and I bet most would be able to pin it, although I haven't quite mastered that art like some have).
Okay, now I am getting a little gimmicky, but I love Scott Bakula, so he gets a card.  Bakula appeared as the manager of the South Carolina Buzz, the minor league affiliate of the Twins.  I took a minor league set of that era and I was happy to see a Coke logo on it.
The final card belongs to Ted McGinley, who is sometimes called a show killer.  While McGinley has appeared on the last season or so of several shows, he has also had lengthy runs on others as well as some big screen success.  I took some liberties with his manager card.  The Topps card from 1981 featured team photos with a manager head shot in the corner.  I prefer my version.


Hackenbush said...

I think you were really inspired this time. Nice job!

White Sox Cards said...

These are all great, as usual! I'm a big Scott Bakula fan, so I really loved his card and the cameo on McGinley's card. Nice photo selection too!

Johngy said...

Thanks guys!
I loved Bakula in Quantum Leap.

Sal said...

I will have to re-watch Major League. Haven't seen it in probably 20 years.

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