Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heads Up With Jay Brant

I first encountered comic artist Jay Brant when I was researching the Motor City Comic Con for an online piece for Global Traveler. Brant is the creative force behind Heads Up Studios.
As the name might indicate, Heads up is all about the heads of a lot of characters.  My main interest (as always) was Aquaman and Brant had an Aquaman card which I bought.
Brant's artwork and sketchcards are interesting and unique.  There are a lot of comic artists out there and it is important to separate yourself if you want to be successful.  Brant is successful because his work is beautiful, but also because it is unique.
I have met Brant a few times at various cons and he is always up for a little small chat about the hobby or the event.  He's talented, accommodating and personable (and he includes Aquaman, something many comic artists do not do).  It's a winning combination for Brant!
If you look at the wall behind Brant in the photo below, you will see some of his artwork.  Of course, you can also go to either Heads Up Studios or his Deviant Art site to see more of his work.  Even better, you can check out his scheduled appearances and meet him in person.
Jay Brant and me in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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