Friday, July 8, 2011

On the Beat with Amy Lynn Best

Amy Lynn Best made her acting debut in The Resurrection Game (2001), which she co-produced.  She also took on many other tasks during filming, which proved to be valuable in the learning process.  She has since done over twelve more movies, including making her directorial debut on Severe Injuries (2003).
I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy at the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis last week.  Amy was very gracious with her time and thoughtful with her answers.
Amy is at the forefront of a movement which is seeing women play more important roles in the horror genre.  I really respect Amy because her actions speak as loud as her words.  She has done so much already and has shown a willingness (an eagerness) to do and learn all aspects of the industry (like her multi-tasking on The Resurrection Game).
I am grateful to Amy for giving us a few minutes of her time.  It was a real pleasure.  Check out Amy's site to learn more about her!


Emmy said...

She seems so nice!

Jack J said...

I love her. I wish she would get more exposure. She deserves it!

Cleveland Mike said...

She is soooo cute. This was very nice of her to do. Great work.