Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the Beat with Marc Price

I first saw Marc Price as Skippy on Family Ties.  I was envious of him because he hung out with Alex and was always around Mallory.  That seemed like an ideal situation to me.
A couple years ago, I went to a comedy show in Las Vegas and was pleasantly surprised to see Marc performing that night.  I knew he did comedy, but had no idea he would be there.  It was a pretty funny show, too!  I met him after the show, but only talked briefly to him.
When I heard Marc would be at the Days of the Dead convention, I asked him for a short interview to which he agreed.  I really looked forward to talking to him.
Marc was one of the most popular guests at the convention.  During a quieter moment, I approached him and we did the interview at his table.  He is extremely nice and very funny.  It is great to see him doing well.
He said later this year he would be doing comedy in the Chicago area at a southside place called Riddles.  The dates haven't been announced yet, but when they are, I will be there!


Jean Parker said...

Count the Parker family in for a night of comedy! We went to Riddles when they first opened their new venue ... their old place got torn down.

Carlos said...

I saw his act in Vegas, too. Funny guy and he was really cool after the show.

Ellie said...

Marc is hilarious. I love him!

Emmy said...

He seems so nice. That was great that he let you interview him. Please let us know when you find out about him appearing in Chicago.

Novi Nick said...


Anonymous said...

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