Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vincent or Virgil?

Mike Jones has probably parlayed his limited wrestling success into a longer career than any other similar wrestler.  His active career primarily lasted about 15 years ending in 2000, although he has made sporadic short-term appearances since then. Other than holding 2 minor titles and one meaningless one, Jones really did little, accept play second fiddle to various other wrestlers.
Jones gained his first big notoriety as Ted DiBiase's bodyguard Virgil in the WWE.  The name Virgil came as a rib on Virgil Runnels (aka Dusty Rhodes, who was the booker for the WWE's main competitor at the time).  Later, when Jones joined WCW, he became Vincent as a rib on WWE's Vince McMahon.  It is a bit confusing and certainly silly, but pretty much was the highlight of his career. 
I can't say a whole lot of good things about meeting him either.  I will say he works hard to make money.  He appears at many conventions (although sometimes he hints that other wrestlers will be there with him, when they won't).  He's a likable guy, but there is just not much there.
I asked him for a short interview several years ago.  He asked for money, a large amount for a few minutes, too!  I explained that I had just interviewed Christy Hemme, Al Snow and Terri Runnels and they all did it for free (along with a few plugs of their websites etc).  Virgil was nice enough, but stuck to his cash demand and I thanked him but walked away.
All of this is completely within his rights.  I just don't think it is good business.  There is really no other way to say it but he simply doesn't have the resume to merit his price demands.  It is his right to do whatever he wants, but it is my right to decline to pay his asking price for anything..  I do appreciate that he has been nice about things each time I have met him.  That's better than some.
Virgil and me in St. Petersburg, FL-January 2005.

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