Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cards That Never Were:Bill Barz

Several bloggers are excellent at creating "Cards That Never Were".  Steve at White Sox Cards was the first virtual card creator I discovered.  Other bloggers who have these type of cards include The Phillies Room, Garvey Cey Russell Lopes, The Writer's Journey and Wrigley Wax.  There is even a site dedicated to and called "Cards That Never Were".
I have my own series called "Celebrity Jersey Cards", but I have occasionally dabbled in the world of cards that never were.  My first creation was a 1977 Topps Mike Squires (because it was the easiest for me to create).
Today I am unveiling my newest addition to my small set of Cards That Never Were.  It is in honor of the Mt. Carmel Caravan (my alma mater) who yesterday won the first game of their season, beating Simeon.
Way back when I roamed the halls of MC, the football coach and PE teacher was Bill Barz.  Barz had a solid career at Notre Dame.  His quarterback was Terry Hanratty and his running mate was Rocky Bleier.  Surprisingly Barz never told too many stories of his glory days.  Maybe he saved that for the football team.
In 1990, the Collegiate Collection set was produced.  It featured players, coaches and moments from the rich history of Notre Dame.  Nowhere in that set was Barz though.
With the history of Notre Dame, there are undoubtedly many players left out of the set.  I'll leave the rest of the forgotten ones to others, but at least I can correct one oversight.
The picture is one of a very few out there.  It is from the 1970 Cotton Bowl in which Texas beat ND.  Barz rushed 10 times for 49 yards.  Without further yapping, I present the Notre Dame Bill Barz card that never was.

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