Friday, August 26, 2011

On the Beat with Eliza Frye

My research for coverage of Wizard World started almost a year ago.  I wanted to interview my favorite celebrities, but also to find new artists and writers on the rise.  Eliza Frye is a self-described "graphic novelist, illustrator and exhibiting artist" and she is certainly on the rise.
The first thing that struck me about Eliza is her passion and enthusiasm for her work.  It came through very clearly on and even in our email exchanges to set up the interview.  The best example would have to be her Regalia Project, a collection of nine stories which she summarized and funded on her Kickstarter page.  Although she has surpassed her monetary goal, you can still get in on the fun and get some extra cool items.
Eliza happily announced that the Regalia Project will be coming out in hardcover!  She also said she wanted to make breakfast for all supporters.  That line made me laugh and is a great example of her humor, enthusiasm and spirit.
Eliza is very fan-friendly and a pleasure to meet.  Eliza will be appearing at Wizard World in LA (Sept. 24-25),  Wizard World in Ohio (Oct. 22-23), Comikaze in LA (Nov. 5-4) and Wizard World in Austin (November 11-13).  If you get a chance, go and meet her.  If you can't get out to see Eliza, please be sure to check out
It was a lot of fun talking to Eliza.  I'm excited about getting her book and seeing what the future holds for her.  Thank you to Eliza for her time and consideration!

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