Monday, August 1, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series about friends who have met celebs.

Last month when I was doing early research for my coverage of the Days of the Dead convention, Harley Mk was one of the first attendees to answer my plea for help.  I saw her in her costume and assumed she did it for the convention, but quickly learned it was more than that for her.  Harley Mk is a cosplayer (a person who dons a specific costume to represent a character or idea).  I'll let her explain a bit further.
Harleymk has been a Harley Quinn cosplayer for 7 years, and was the first Harley ever on Youtube, I started doing videos on there back in 2006. My bf Steven aka DeadlyJokerious on Youtube was one of the first on Youtube to do videos of Heath Ledger version of The Joker. We take our cosplaying and acting to heart.
I have seen a lot of attendees dress in a lot of ways over the years at conventions, but Harley MK and Deadly Jokerious were different.  They weren't just dressing up.  You could tell they were dedicated and serious.
Although they took their cosplaying seriously, they still had a lot of fun at Days of the Dead.  They were asked for as many photos by fans as some celebs were.  Even the celebs got into their act, such as actor Bill Moseley who clowned around a bit with Harley Mk.
I appreciate Harley Mk's assistance and encourage you to check out her Youtube page, her deviant art page, her films site and also Deadly Jokerious's Youtube page.  Also, Wednesday is her I am sending an early Happy Birthday her way!
Harley Mk and Bill Moseley in Indianapolis, IN-July 2011.

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