Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the Beat with Dead Lantern

While at the Days of the Dead convention, I ran into the guys behind the Dead Lantern site and movies.  Exactly what is Dead Lantern?
Dead Lantern is a horror blog based in Lincoln (NE).  They have a weekly horror podcast, the Splattercast, which has had over 100 episodes.  In their own words, "They love horror movies and they love telling us what they think of them."
Mat and Deejay were excited to be at Days of the Dead and more excited to talk about Outpost Doom, their latest dvd.  They gave me a quick recap along with some humor.
You can check out the Dead Lantern site or the Facebook page for more info.  They also have a Dead Lantern store, where you can purchase a cool Dead Lantern tshirt or the Outpost Doom dvd.
Recently, I contacted Mat who gave me an update, "We are beginning a monthly web series that begins on Halloween. We actually filmed one of the installments at Days of the Dead. The series is called Shivers Down Your Spine and that will be available for free on Dead Lantern."
Finally, I just found out they will be at Wizard World in Chicago next week.  Hopefully, we will meet up and get another update from them in person!

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