Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mickie James is Hardcore Country

Mickie James made her wrestling debut in an indy group.  She later wrestled for the WWE and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.  She has held the championship belt everywhere she has wrestled, including being the current Women's champ of TNA.
Mickie is what I like in women's wrestling.  She actually wrestles!  She's not simply eye candy (which real wrestling fans ignore anyway).  Mickie cuts a good promo, has good moves and generally puts on a solid show.
When we met her at the Motor City Comic Con, she was promoting her cd Strangers & Angels, but she wasn't obnoxious about it.  I am not a huge country fan, but I liked the cd, especially the title track (Strangers & Angels).
Mickie is getting ready to head back into the studio to work on a new project.  On Mickie's Kickstarter page, she announced a special offer.for fans to pre-order the cd and to have a chance at some other cool goodies. Check out Mickie's short video to learn more about her special offer or check out her Kickstarter page.
You don't have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy Mickie's music.  I am proof you don't even have to be a country music fan either.  Check out her first cd Strangers and Angels to get a sampling and then go to her page to learn more about her new project.  You won't be disappointed.

 Mickie James and me in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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