Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paying Homage to the Aquaman Shrine

I am a huge fan of Aquaman, but I have to admit I am probably not the biggest fan.  That honor goes to Rob Kelly, Creator/Editor-in-Chief of the Aquaman Shrine.  The Aquaman Shrine is overflowing with everything Aquaman, including products, merchandise, artwork, reproductions and anything else you could possibly imagine related to Aquaman.  The site is amazing and I could spend hours daily just roaming around the various sections.
I wrote to Rob and applied for Friends of Aquaman (F.O.A.M.) based on my coverage of Aquaman here on my site.  To my pleasant surprise, Rob emailed back pretty quickly and presented me with my official certificate confirming me as an official FOAM member.  I couldn't be any prouder!

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Jean Parker said...

Congratulations on becoming a member "for life"! I know you will be framing this soon!