Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #72 Chris Chelios x 2

This is a regular series which combines my love of trading cards with my interest in celebs.  The baseball regular season ended yesterday and once again, both Chicago teams will be watching the playoffs on tv.  Today's featured celebrity is a Chicago kid who had a little experience in the playoffs.

Chris Chelios was born in Chicago and went on to play 26 seasons in the NHL.  He was on a Stanley Cup winner three times (although never in Chicago).  He played in the playoffs every season except two in Chicago (naturally) and his last season with the Atlanta Thrashers.
Naturally both of his baseball cards would have to show his championship trophy.  For the Cubs, I figured Cheli would have been an outfielder.  There seemed to be a revolving door out there for the Cubs back then.  Cheli would have been a steadying presence.
Chelios might have preferred playing for the Sox, who were closer to his south side roots.  The Sox had a logjam at 1st base back then, including my favorite Mike Squires, but Chelios would have at least bridged the gap until Frank Thomas came along.

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