Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Beat with Lisa Marie Varon

When we last saw Lisa Marie Varon, she was choking me.  I probably deserved it and I know I enjoyed it!  Okay, yes, it was all in fun.  Lisa Marie Varon is a lot of fun!
Also known by the ring names Tara and Victoria, she has won the woman's championship multiple times in the WWE and in TNA.  She recently won her first tag team title and is proudly wearing and showing the belt in our interview video.
Last year, we discovered that she was moving to Chicago and hoped to be opening a restaurant here.  When we saw her at Wizard World, she updated us on the recent events in her life and what was in her future.
This isn't just your average "update" video.  First, nothing with Lisa Marie Varon could ever be average!  She is a true champion in and out of the ring.
Besides that though, you will see Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys interrupting the video.  You will also see former WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson in the background meeting people at her booth.  Make no mistake though, Lisa Marie Varon is the main focus and is the star!
After you watch the video below, check out and Lisa Marie Varon's Facebook page to learn more about her.

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