Thursday, September 22, 2011

On the Beat with Kevin LaPorte and Amanda Rachels

While doing research for the various comic cons I would be attending, I came across a new project called "Clown Town".  It had an intriguing premise, killer clowns with a purpose, which would be avenging abused children.  The concept pulle me in and the story kept me glued.  I loved it.
When I discovered that the creators, Kevin LaPorte and Amanda Rachels would be at Wizard World, I had to meet them and to learn more about them and their other projects.  As much as I enjoyed Clown Town, I soon learned it was just the tip of their creative iceberg!
They are also working on The Blind Eye, "a web comic tale of super heroic horror".  More specifically, it is the tale of a post-hurricane flooded city which is protected by masked vigilantes.
Another project is the Super Power Hour, a comic of topical satire.  Borrowing The Blind Eye's Headliner and Newsmaker, Super Power Hour is full of sarcasm and dark humor.
My interview with this talented and busy pair delves into several of their projects.  I couldn't pry any scoops out of them, but I predict new and interesting stuff is on the horizon.  After watching the video, check out for more info and keep checking back there for the latest news on Kevin and Amanda.

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