Friday, September 23, 2011

On the Beat with Sheryl Steines

I was really excited about meeting Sheryl Steines, an author from the Chicago area, at Wizard World.  I love finding authors early in their careers and watching as things develop.  Being able to actually talk to Sheryl made it very appealing.
Her first book, The Day of the First Sun, was released in November of 2010. It is a supernatural murder mystery.  The best description I saw for the book was that it was a mystery about "the magical murder of a non-magical princess".  The book appealed to me, because it seemed to be something unlike anything I have read.
Sheryl was very kind and receptive.  We discussed how she got into writing, The Day of the First Sun and her future plans.  She did give us a little hint of things to come when she said that the two main characters from The Day of the First Sun, Annie Pearce and Cham Chamsky, would be returning, but it won't necessarily be a murder mystery.
Since I have been following her blog, I discovered she had a great time at Wizard World and would be appearing again in 2012 with her next novel!  That is exciting news and hopefully I will have the opportunity to talk to her again.
I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about Sheryl in our interview below.  After watching it, please check out or Sheryl's Facebook page for more info about her

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Emmy said...

Interesting. I also met her at Wizard World. I just finished the book and loved it. I am really looking forward to her future work.