Thursday, September 1, 2011

On the Beat with Mike Bucci-Part 2

Yesterday, I ran the first part of our interview with Mike Bucci at Wizard World.  Bucci started talking about the state of professional wrestling and he continues along that line today, along with discussing his career.
About midway through the video, there is some funny interaction between Bucci and his booth-mates, Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie, two more members of the bWo.  This stuff cracks me up.  These guys are hilarious.
Bucci is semi-retired and in the Mortgage Industry.  I was really impressed with Bucci.  He had some interesting observations and insight. He seems to be in a good place overall.  He wrestles occasionally and still loves talking to fans and promoters about wrestling.  It was great to see him at this stage of his life and career doing so well.
After you watch the video, you can check out Mike Bucci's Facebook page to learn a bit more about him and to get in the loop on his future projects and appearances.

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