Friday, September 2, 2011

On the Beat with Patricia Kara

Patricia Kara is an actress, a model and a tv personality.  I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia at Wizard World and I can tell you she is also a warm, engaging and fun person.  When I walked up to Patricia, she greeted me with such friendliness and energy that I knew this would be a fun interview. 
Patricia might be best known for being the model for the #9 briefcase on Deal or No Deal  (although she also substituted on some other numbers). She has made many appearances on tv shows and ads, in magazines and even in some video games.  She also appeared on a celebrity version of the game show Catch 21.  She won the game, earning $2500 for Trinity Children's Foundation.
Patricia is from Chicago and still has family in the area.  We talked a bit about that, too.  She named Lou Malnati's and Al's Italian Beef as her favorite local spots.  Those are excellent choices (and if either place is reading this, I think I see some sort of promotion possibility!).
We talked about Deal of No Deal, Chicago, future projects (including a fitness video) and more in the interview.  To learn more about Patricia, check out  I really appreciate Patricia for giving us some time, but mostly for being so incredibly pleasant.  She might hold briefcase #9, but she is totally #1.

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Artie said...

I loved Deal or No Deal. I never knew Ms. Kara was from Chicago. Great interview.