Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Beat with Stevie Richards

Michael Manna is probably better known as Stevie Richards or Dr. Stevie a couple of the names he has used during his career in wrestling.  Like a lot of the wrestlers in ECW, Richards was never given a great opportunity to shine in the big organizations (like WWE or TNA).
Manna is a talented guy.  He is engaging, entertaining and articulate. If you watched our earlier video interviews of Mike Bucci and Brian Heffron, I am sure you laughed at some of Richards' antics in the background.
Like the other two members of the bWo, Manna was at Wizard World in part to promote Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Meeting him was a blast, especially since it was a bWo booth.  These guys have great chemistry.  It is easy to see how they made that such a great gimmick.
After you have enjoyed the video below, please be sure to check out Manna's other project,, subtitled tech today tech tomorrow, a site obviously about technology.  Manna has had a passion for technology since childhood and now he has a public outlet for it.

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