Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On the Beat with the Blue Meanie

I recently ran our interview with Mike Bucci, also known as Novi.  One of Bucci's mates in the Blue World Order was the Blue Meanie (or Brian Heffron).
Heffrom borrowed the Blue Meanie name from the Beatles Yellow Submarine and the bWo concept was a parody of the wildly popular nWo (New World Order), but the humor and creativity to make this work came from Heffron (along with Bucci and others in the bWo).  The bWo remains a fan favorite years after ECW closed.
Heffrom had a run in the WWE, including a stint as Bluedust, a manager and associate of Goldust.  This was very popular, too, but the WWE doesn't always utilize talent properly.  Blue Meanie didn't stay long in the WWE and returned to mostly independent wrestling organizations.
We caught up with the Blue Meanie at Wizard World and had a blast interviewing him.  This interview has everything, including a cameo by Mrs. Meanie!
After enjoying the video, check out Brian on Twitter.  Also, check out Resistance Pro Wrestling, a new wrestling organization which Brian was helping promote.

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