Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autograph Tales:Steve Myer

In my never ending quest to bring recognition to the backup quarterbacks of my youth, I am featuring Steve Myer, a member of the expansion Seattle Seahawks.  Actually, Myer played his entire four year NFL career with the Seahawks.
For the first year of the Seahawks existence, undrafted Jim Zorn was the starter and veteran Bill Munson was his backup, with Myer as the third string.  It was thought that Zorn's scrambling ability was a primary factor in him originally getting the nod.  Myer became Zorn's primary backup the next year and stayed in that role for three years before retiring.
Years ago, Myer sent me a signed picture along with signing my index card.  Myer never had a football card.  Back then, football card sets were smaller and bad teams like the Seahawks rarely had two qb's represented.
As always, I close with my salute to backup qb's.  You probably remember Jim Zorn, but now you might remember Steve Myer, too!

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