Friday, October 28, 2011

On the Beat with Sara Richard Again!

In August at Chicago Wizard World, I met and interviewed Sara Richard for the first time.  Last weekend at the Wizard World con in Columbus (OH), I again got to talk to the talented young illustrator, author and sculptor.
Currently, Sara is a freelancer and she has worked on projects for Hasbro, too.  Her creations are fascinating, beautiful and really just cool.  Her subjects are varied, although her site states that she is "developing a style that incorporated my love of Art Nouveau and wildlife (mostly the extinct kind)".
In our first interview, I failed to ask Sara about her work with the Manchester Animal Shelter and her fascination with dinosaurs.  I took care of both questions this time, along with getting an update on her latest work.  I hope to continue to see Sara at these events and to keep getting updates.  I also plan on purchasing some of her artwork the next time I see her.
After you watch the video below, please check out and the Sara Richard Facebook page to learn more about Sara and to see her awesome work.  Can you tell I am a big fan?


Cleveland Mike said...

She is so cool. I have to try to see her at some con in the future.

TB said...

I have seen her at Chicago Wizard World. I bought one thing. When I got home, I kicked myself for not buying more. I, too, will be looking for Sara at the next Chicago Wizard World event.

N Hart said...

Wow her work really is beautiful.