Monday, October 10, 2011

Bear Down Sunday #5 on a Monday

Today, the Chicago Bears (2-1) face the Detroit Lions (4-0) and I am at the game.  I am combining two regular features, by having today's post be subtitled:Celebrity Jersey Cards #73 Jay Cutler & George Plimpton.  Each man/card represents one of the combatants.

Obviously, I have to start with Jay Cutler making his first Celebrity Jersey Card appearance, but he is not wearing a Bears uni.  Instead, he is sporting the Indian head sweater of the Blackhawks, Chicago's last champion.  Hopefully, some of that championship lustre rubbed off on Cutler.

I was never a big fan of the Lions, but I did enjoy George Plimpton's book, Paper Lion.  Plimpton once suited up for a pre-season game for the Lions.  He has also been a sideline guest.  Plimpton's Celebrity Jersey Card comes from his sidelines days, not from the book or subsequent movie (Alan Alda played Plimpton in the film version).


Hackenbush said...

Cool card design choices. I saw Jay on an old TMZ the other day at a fashion show that featured Kristin C. They pointed pointed out that he looked totally bored. Good! Go Jay!

Johngy said...

Thanks. Just got back from Motown. At least Cutler played well!