Sunday, October 9, 2011

On the Beat with Mike Carey of Fancypants

Mike Carey was a firefighter paramedic and also a professional wrestler named Skull Manson for Windy City Wrestling.  He also has experience in bare-knuckle full contact fighting.  He is adding "actor" to his resume with his role as "Teddy" in Fancypants.
Mike enjoyed his time on the red carpet.  He talked a bit about his wrestling career and he exchanged fun banter with the paparazzi.  Proving he was a good sport, he even gave us his fiercest wrestling pose.  Mike was fun, casual and charismatic.  I look forward to seeing his career develop.
We are going to take a lttle break from our coverage of Fancypants, but we will be back in the near future with a little more from the Chicago premiere.  Until then, and after watching the video of Mike Carey below, please check out, the Fancypants Facebook page and to learn more about Fancypants and to get future updates.

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