Saturday, October 22, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #75 Dirk Nowitzki & Greg Louganis

This is a regular series which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebs.  The World Series is underway and Celebrity Jersey Cards is featuring both teams.

Dirk Nowitzki lead the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA title last season.  The Rangers invited him to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.  Much like Dan Marino did with a football, Nowitzki tossed a basketball (from that distance, would it be worth 3 points?).  Only time will tell if Nowitzki's magic rubbed off on the Rangers.  MLB refused to allow Nowitzki to throw out the first ball in the World Series, but Johngy's Beat is proud to have him on a Celebrity Jersey Card!

Although swimmer Greg Louganis was born and raised in California, he somehow managed to head east and toss out the first pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals.  I am not sure of the connection, but I do know that Louganis broke the jersey code by tucking it into his pants.  That jersey faux pas did not prevent him from landing on a Celebrity Jersey Card.


Hackenbush said...

I think they changed their minds and Dirk is going to throw out the first pitch tonight.

Johngy said...

You are correct, sir!