Friday, October 21, 2011

On the Beat with Sarah French

I was originally supposed to talk to Sarah French at Days of the Dead, but Sarah couldn't make the convention.  When I saw she was scheduled to appear at Flashback Weekend, near my home, I contacted her and asked for a raincheck on the interview.  She graciously granted my request.
Sarah is an actress and model from Minnesota.  She has also worked under the name of "Scarlet Salem".  She loves the horror genre and already has an impressive resume of work.  Sarah has several projects in various stages of completion and is always quite busy.  She also is featured in the web series Ghostbustin 911.
Sarah was a real delight.  She was funny, insightful and had a great infectious laugh.  I really appreciate her time and consideration in speaking to us.
In addition to her busy acting career, Sarah has been appearing at several autograph conventions.  On November 4-6, Sarah will be at CrypticCon in Bloomington (MN).
We talked about the start of her career, her current projects and much more in the video below.  After you watch our interview, please head over to, Sarah's Facebook page and Sarah's YouTube channel to learn more about this talented, young actress.


Novi Nick said...

I am a fan of Ghostbustin 911. She seems so sweet! Nice interview.

Tim said...

I'll be at Cryptic Con. Now I am going to have to stop by her booth.

Cleveland Mike said...

I love her laugh. She seems like a lot of fun and energy.