Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the Beat with Noah Rogers of Fancypants

A couple weeks ago, we featured Jackson Dunn, the young star of Fancypants.  Jackson's friend Noah Rogers also appears in the movie as Jones, a friend of Jackson's character Tommy.  Young Noah is one of many who made their acting debut in Fancypants
I believe Noah's sister accompanied him on to the premiere.  They appeared to enjoy themselves on the red carpet as you will see in the video below.  Noah answers some questions about his acting future, his interest in wrestling and the evening.  Both were great sports throughout and even broke out a little funky dance for fun.
I don't know what is in Noah's future plans, but he did a great job in Fancypants and probably will have some acting in his future.  Either way, at least he had his moment in the spotlight at the premiere and he deserved it.  He seems like a cool kid.
Tomorrow we will feature Kirby O'Connell.  Until then, but after you watch the video below, please check out FancypantsMovie.com, the Fancypants Facebook page and HumblePieFilms.com for more pictures, info and fun.

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