Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the Beat with Unshaven Comics

At the recent Ohio Wizard World convention, I literally stumbled into a quick interview with the guys at Unshaven Comics.  I have wanted to talk to these guys for a while, but somehow missed them at other conventions in the Chicago area.
Matt Wright, Marc Alan Fishman and Kyle Gnepper are the creative force behind Unshaven Comics.  Their stated goal is "to make comics, make friends and gain a legion of fans".  The trio's first printed effort was "The March", a fictional account based on the 2006 Chicago event which saw 400,000 people march against a change in immigration law.  Since then, Unshaven Comics has released Disposable Razors #1, #2 and #3.
I got to meet Matt, Marc and Kyle and see all of their cool offerings at their booth.  Kyle gave us a quick rundown of Disposable Razors #3, while Marc and Matt (looking very friendly and very unshaven) made a couple of appearances.
These guys really are a talented team.  I hope to meet these guys again at a future con and get an update on their future projects.  When you are done watching the video below, please check out and the Unshaven Comics Facebook page to learn all about the unshaven trio and their creative products.

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