Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the Red Carpet at Fancypants Premiere

Over the last couple weeks, I have featured interviews and info about Fancypants, a new movie produced by Chicago's Humble Pie Films, starring a lot of great Chicago talent.  It was obvious that this was a labor of love for everyone involved.
Thanks to Jennifer Fortney of Cascade Communications, I was able to get red carpet access for pieces that appeared here on Johngy's Beat, as well as online pieces for Global Traveler, JW's Wrestling Memorabilia and  I want to thank Jennifer for everything.  It was a real pleasure dealing with her.
I sincerely hope I have opened a few eyes to Fancypants.  It's a fresh, heart-warming movie made by Chicago people.
As I complete my coverage of the Chicago premiere of Fancypants, I am leaving you with several pictures of the cast and crew behind this eciting new movie.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed being at the premiere.
Patrick Gleason (Leon the Lion) and date
Beth Horn (Animal Babe) and Amy Hendricks (Alex)
 Jackson Dunn (Tommy)
 Producer Daniel Hanson and date
Director of Photography Jim Andre
 Director-Screenwriter Joshua Russell and Megan Russell.
Kirby O'Connell (Flora) and friend
Mike Carey (Teddy) and Kimberly Carey
Noah Rogers (Jones)
Patrick Zielinski (Sal) and date
Scott Beatty, JayHawk Evans and me at our professional best in Chicago, IL-October 2011.

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