Friday, November 25, 2011

On the Beat with Torrie Wilson

Sometimes interviews are scheduled and sometimes we just walk into one.  The latter was the case at the Chicago Wizard World last August when Matt walked into an interview with Torrie Wilson.
We had a full schedule of interviews already set, but when we walked up to Torrie's booth, Matt started talking to her about her store in the Woodlands (TX), very near to where Matt spent his high school years.  Matt and Torrie discussd some mutual friends.
Torrie talked about retiring from wrestling due to back injuries.  Fortunately, Torrie got out before the injuries really piled up.  In her relatively short career in wrestling, Torrie developed a large fan base and is still remembered fondly.
Unfortunately, Torrie closed the store when she moved to California.  While we are happy for Torrie, we are saddened that we won't have the opportunity to talk to her at the store (since we go back to Houston several times a year).

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