Saturday, November 26, 2011

Resistance Pro Wrestling Debuts!

There was finally a Black Friday event that I enjoyed.  The debut of Resistance Pro Wrestling was billed simply as "Black Friday" and from this reporter's view, it was a smashing success.
I first heard about Resistance Pro Wrestling at Wizard World.  Harry Smith was one of their guest wrestlers manning their booth, meeting and greeting fans.  The excitement level was insanely high and I knew I had to be there for their debut.  Their stated goal is "To bring a unique Professional Wrestling company to you, the fans" and their debut show delivered on that promise and more.
Fans arrived so early and in such large numbers, that the doors were opened early to accommodate them.  There was a little confusion once inside (but still in line), but that was settled quickly as staffers handled the line smoothly and efficiently.
The "arena" was set up on three levels.  We opted for the third level (choosing a clear view over a closer position).  Our seats just happened to be by the wrestlers' dressing/waiting room, which allowed us a great view of each of them as they left for and returned from the ring.
The matches were fast-paced and interesting.  There were some great power moves, high-flying moves, technical moves and even some insane moves.  It added up to a surprisingly good night of wrestling.
After the night of wrestling, there was a meet and greet where the talent signed photos, posed for pictures and sold some merchandise.  It was great for fan interaction and we got some great pictures and a couple of interesting interviews.  The wrestlers were very friendly and seemed to be havng as much fun as the fans!  We will be featuring all of this in the near future.
For now, I just wanted to praise everyone involved with Resistance Pro Wrestling.  I heard no complaints and a lot of compliments from the fans.  I have to say, they did bring a "unique professional wrestling company to us".
Their next event is on January 13, 2012 at Excalibur in downtown Chicago.  For more information check out and the Resistance Pro Wrestling Facebook page.
Colt Cabana at Excalibur in Chicago, IL-November 2011.


Eric C. Loy said...

A friend of mine, Serenity, was in the women's match. How did she do?

Johngy said...

Cool. Serenity was one of the original two (in a match of 8 or so) (with Cheerleader Melissa). They ended up being the final two, but then another woman (Melanie Cruise) stormed in and took the overall win.

I talked briefly with Serenity after the event. I was supposed to interview her, but it didn't work out. If you talk to her, tell her I would love to interview her at her convenience, if she is interested.