Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bear Down Sunday #15

The Bears are 7-7, having lost 4 in a row (coincidentally all without Jay Cutler).  Today they face the Green Bay Packers who are 13-1 having somehow lost to the Kansas City Chiefs last week.  Today might get ugly.
I need a laugh.  When I have that need for a laugh, I know I can count on my nephew Big Money to supply one.
Earlier this year, Matt and Erin ventured into cheeseland for a little vacation. While north of the border, they came across Nitschke's Northern Resort.  Matt immediately knew that this would be blog-worthy.
Was he trying to steal the mojo from the Packers?  Did he jinx the Bears?  Did he order cheeeeeese?
One thing Matt wanted to steal was a trophy of Nitschke's.
As fans would know, Ray Nitschke is a Hall of Fame linebacker from the Packers of the 60's.  I am sure he won a lot of awards and trophies during his illustrious career.  So what trophy is on display and able to actually be held by any visitor?
It is a nebulous award given to Nitschke at the NFL Players Mackey Awards Banquet.  Huh?  Nevertheless, it is a Hall of Famer's trophy in the hands of Big Money.
Now this whole story shows several things:
1-Matt is on his way to being a first ballot Johngy's Beat Hall of Famer
2-Dick Butkus needs to open a resort (and if he does, Johngy's Beat will give him a trophy)
3-Johngy's Beat delivers all of the facts, no matter how they affect the story.  Other media outlets would simply show Matt and the trophy, leading readers to believe it is the actual HOF trophy (or something similar).  Here at Johngy's Beat, we promise to always go that extra mile, even if it does reveal the trophy to be something a little less prestigious.

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