Friday, December 30, 2011

Cuzz Buzz:Marta Kristen

Johngy is taking a day off and once again, Chuck Gekas (aka Cuzz) will step in and handle the feature presentation.  The fan response was positive the last time, when Cuzz presented his recap of meeting Olivia D'Abo.

Marta Kristen starred in the TV Sci-Fi series Lost in Space, which ran for three seasons from 1965-1968. The series was set well into the future and centered on the adventures of the Robinson family, aboard the Jupiter 2 traveling through space. Marta played the role of the eldest daughter, Judy Robinson, and I had the opportunity to meet her at the 2011 Motor City Comic Con.
Marta was extremely gracious and appreciative of the fans who remembered her and the TV series. She commented how much she enjoyed working with her fellow cast members, including Jonathan Harris, who played Dr. Smith, and provided conflict and comic relief to the program.
I admit I was a fan of the series even though it often resorted to campy action scenes and simple story telling. The characters made the show work and sometimes that is more enjoyable than over the top special effects. It was great to meet Marta and spend some time talking with her about the series and some of her experiences on the show. 

The staff at Johngy's Beat once again appreciates Cuzz's contribution.  We are also hoping Cuzz will join us again at the 2012 Motor City Comic Con.
Cuzz and Marta Kristen (and the robot) in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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