Saturday, December 31, 2011

Interviews 2011

It was a great year for Johngy's Beat.  We covered more events, got more interviews, met more celebrities and basically had more fun than ever.  We talked to athletes, actors, musicians, artists, authors, wrestlers and more.
I would like to take the time to thank Fran Gallagher and Global Traveler for giving me plenty of opportunities.  I want to thank all of the sports teams, especially the Houston Astros for being so hospitable.  I want to thank the many conventions (like the Motor City Comic Con, Wizard World, Days of the Dead, Horror Hound, Hollywood Celebrities Show, Flashback Weekend and all other shows.  I want to thank AU Sports and PCW Wrestling for granting me extra access for their signing events.
I also want to thank Matt, Scott, Jean and Sam Parker, Nancy and Dave Blais, Laura, Cuzz Gekas, Chuck Gekas, Scott Beatty and JayHawk Evans for helping me with the recording, coordination and production of interviews and for putting up with the delays and time-consumption.
I want to thank all of the many contributors (other bloggers, friends, family, strangers) who have sent stuff to me to make this a better site.  It is all greatly appreciated.
Finally, I want to thank the celebrities themselves.  Without them, I'd have no site.  Again, there are way too many to list, but I appreciate each and everyone who gave me even a few seconds of their time.  I know you didn't have to talk to Johngy's Beat, but you did and I appreciate that greatly!
To see a selection of every interview we did in 2011 (and actually all of our interviews from 2008-2011), scroll to the very bottom of this page.  You will see our interviews arranged by year.  You can also click the photo below to be taken to our 2011 interviews.
Thank you all and I wish a very happy and healthy new year to everyone.
Matt Parker and me in Houston, TX-August 2011.

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The Parkers said...

We all wish you a happy and healthy new year too!