Monday, December 5, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series about friends who have met celebs.

Every year, my sister Nancy and her husband attend Homecoming at Western Illinois University (Dave's alma mater).  This year, they saw WIU beat SIU 27-21, but more important to this blog, Nancy once again grabbed a Friendly Encounter opportunity.
Nancy is famous on Johngy's Beat for posing with various inanimate objects and animals in successful attempts to land herself in Friendly Encounters.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't count such things as celebrity encounters, but I like her passion (and I love her dearly).
At the WIU game, Nancy found a new category of celebrity possibilities...a helium-filled balloon mascot!  Nancy posed with a Colonel Rock (or Rocky) balloon.  Rocky the Bulldog is the mascot of the Fighting Leathernecks of WIU.
One of these days, Nancy will pose with a legit celebrity, but it probably won't be as much fun.  Until then, I will continue to feature her posed with whatever "celebrities" she finds.  I have no idea what she will find next, but it will undoubtedly be fun!
Nancy Blais and Colonel Rock in Macomb, IL-October 2011.

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