Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On the Beat with Terry Huddleston

I originally met artist Terry Huddleston at the Motor City Comic Con.  I have purchased several Aquaman pieces from him over the years.  When I saw him at Wizard World, I took the opportunity to do a quick interview with him about his work.
Huddleston is a pinup artist and self-described "class clown".  He's very talented and also a lot of fun...and he does some of the best illustrations of Aquaman out there.  He doesn't just do Aquaman or superheroes, but it is a main part of his work as you will see on his art site.
We covered his work, his views on Aquaman and other such fun things.  After you watch the video, check out Terry Huddleston's art page or his Facebook page.

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