Monday, December 12, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series which features friends who have met celebrities.
I stumbled upon a great website entitled "I Met a Wrestler", which is the creation of Daniel Donnelly.  From the title, you can probably guess that the site is about meeting wrestlers, but that is the very generic view of it.  In full, it is a fantastic site to read interesting, unique and heartfelt stories about Daniel (and others) meeting wrestlers.  It contains interesting stories, wonderful pictures and fun interviews.
I really was intrigued by Daniel's story of meeting Tammy Sytch (a favorite of Johngy's Beat).  Daniel captured the thoughts I have had many times while meeting some of my favorites (especially the female ones).  We are adults, yet when we meet out heroes or crushes, we somehow return to our younger days.  Are we weird old guys or are we just fans who appreciate meeting these people?  I like to think we are the latter.
Daniel also perfectly captured the essence of Tammy.  She remembered his name (despite meeting hundreds of people at the event).  She even gently nudged him into an extra photo-op and a WWE event.  It is true that Tammy is a good businesswoman, but Tammy does care about her fans and she shows it.  I have seen first hand many times how well Tammy treats her fans.
I have tried to recap Daniel's story of meeting Tammy, but you really should read the entire piece.  Daniel's full story is eloquent, entertaining and poignant.  It is one of the best pieces I have read on meeting celebrities.
I appreciate Daniel sharing his picture here and I am sure we will see more of his stories here in the future.  He has a lot of awesome stories to share.  In the mean time, go to, the I Met A Wrestler Facebook Page or twitter to read more interesting stories and see cool pictures from when he met a wrestler!
Tammy Sytch and Daniel Donnelly in Charlotte, NC-August 2010.

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Cleveland Mike said...

Tammy still looks great. Veery interesting story on his site.