Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Chachi

A few weeks ago, I featured Chuck E. Gekas (aka Cuzz) on his birthday.  Today, Chuck T. Gekas (aka Chachi) gets his time to shine.
Chuck is a great friend.  We have worked together, played poker together and have had lots of fun together.  We have traveled across this great country and even into Canada together (I still say the "incident" in Toronto was his fault, but I digress).
Chuck became a grandfather earlier this year, welcoming Charles George into the world.  Chuck may be a grandfather, but to me he is a brother.
Happy birthday Chuck!  I hope it's a great one (but I still don't understand his fascination with the other bridge in San Francisco).
Chuck (and one of many dollars he has won from me in bets over the years) in San Francisco, CA-June 2011.


Nancy Blais said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a great day.

The Parkers said...

Sorry I missed your birthday ... hope you had a nice day and will have a great year celebrating!