Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the Beat with Mike Quade

This one should be titled "In the Dugout with Mike Quade", but I am a stickler for consistency, so it will remain "On the Beat...".  Either way, it is still an interview (or part of one) with Mike Quade.  It differs from our usual efforts in that we were part of the media in the dugout for Quade's pre-game session at Minute Maid Park.
The video starts with a reporter asking about the previous night's game in which the Cubs beat the Atlanta Braves, despite striking out 18 times and making 4 errors.  I am not sure which reporter brought it up.
I do know the next question was asked by ESPN's Bruce Levine (the white haired man in the lower right of the video).  Levine stayed in that topic, but asked about the Cubs mood after playing so bad, yet still winning.
Matt Parker (Executive Producer, Sound Man Extraordinaire, Videographer and general all around great help to Johngy's Beat) did the actual reporting, while I filmed the event for posterity (aka right here on Johngy's Beat).  Mike Quade is obvious, but the man in the green shirt next to Matt is Levine.
It's always extra fun being in the dugout for these media sessions.  There usually isn't any real controversial stuff and everyone is pretty loose and jovial.
Matt Parker in Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX-August 2011.

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