Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim

Today, the third member of the Tri-Gekas contingent is celebrating a birthday.  Chachi's brother and Cuzz's cousin Jim is the man of the day.
Jim is not quite as petty as brother Chuck and not quite as consumed with trivial oddities as Cuzz.  Jim has been a co-writer in some food-related parody songs, a partner in some "character" creations and most of all a great friend.
Although he isn't as petty as his brother, Jim and I have squabbled over some photo angles which seemingly make me look several inches taller than Jim.  For my birthday present to Jim, I am showing the photo taken earlier this year.  Obviously it is on flat ground with us side-by-side.  Except for possible shoe differences, Jim and I are shown to be about the same height.  This might be the best present I can give him (and it is at no cost to me!).
Happy birthday Jim!
Jim Gekas and me in San Francisco, CA-July 2011.


Petty Boy said...

In front of those Redwoods, you both look like little people!

The Parkers said...

Nice picture! Hope Jim had a great day!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday...hope you had a great day.