Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sgt. Peterson and Cosmic Cut an Old School Promo

A couple months ago, I attended the Clash at the Cove 13, a wrestling show put on by the IAW (Independent Association of Wrestling) at Covelski Stadium in South Bend (IN).  Former WWF wrestler Brian Costello is the main man behind this great event.
Despite weather problems and some health issues within the families of some of the wrestlers slated to appear, the show was a major success.  Costello and the rest of the group did an outstanding job of delivering great wrestling action and some WWE Hall of Famers for the fans.
While hanging around the autograph area, I ran into two IAW wrestlers, Sgt. Peterson and Cosmic (Stars and Stripes).  I told them I was covering the event for some websites and they agreed to do a quick promo.
They gave me more than I expected.  The promo below is like old-school WWF wrestling promos.  It was intense, funny and non-scripted.  It was everything you would want in a great promo.
I appreciate these guys for doing the video.  I appreciate their promo skills even more.  If anyone should happen to know these guys or Brian Costello, please have them contact me.

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