Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Beat With Dan Pastorini-Part 2

Yesterday I ran the first part of my Q&A with Houston Oilers legend Dan Pastorini.  Today I am posting the second part, but first a bit more on the man who was one of my childhood favorites.
In addition to his success on the football field, Pastorini did some acting and also raced in the NHRA Drag Racing Series in the 1980's.   His latest venture is Dan Pastorini's Quality Foods, which features a Texas-style barbeque rub.  (I love the rub on chicken!)

Q-Do you have a favorite football card of yours?
DP-Not really…I guess my rookie card. Boy was I young once!
Dan Pastorini cards...1972 (Dan's favorite) and 1974 (my favorite).

Q-Why did you decide to write such an open and honest book?
DP-Because many of my friends asked why I hadn't and I really never thought I was that interesting. So John Lopez convinced me to do it, but I told him to tell nothing but the truth. He asked and I answered many questions openly and honestly. He dug deep and I went with him. It was a cathartic journey and now I'm glad I did it. I was uncomfortable after we finished it thinking I may have gone too far in depth, but that's what people wanted to know from John's perspective and I trusted him. I think he did a great job on the journey. Now people know. What's rewarding is the fact that it has helped a few people to face their demons and fight back. That to me made it a success!

Q-What's next for you? Any projects in the works?
DP-Putting an investment package together to expand the DP Quality Foods business. I need the money to do it properly.
I greatly appreciate Pastorini taking the time to answer my questions.  Interacting with him has been a great experience.  It is always cool meeting childhood favorites, especially when the person turns out to be as nice as Pastorini.
Please be sure to check out to learn about his food products and to learn about his fascinating book.  You can also follow him on twitter and his Facebook page.

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Alfie said...

I tried the rub and loved it. I use it all the time now. Great stuff.