Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celeb Jersey Cards #88 Hulk Hogan & Brooke Adams

This is a regular feature which attempts to combine my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebrities.  Today, our jersey-clad celebrities represent two teams who had great runs but exited the playoffs last weekend.

You either love or hate Tim Tebow.  The same can be said for wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.  The Hulkster donned Tebow's jersey for a segment on ESPN.  I really like the look of this card, especially with Tebow on the screen in the background.  Unfortunately for Tebow and the Broncos, the magical ride ended with a loss to the juggernaut Patriots (just like Hogan's first title run ended with a loss to a Giant juggernaut named Andre).  Hogan thus becomes a two sport Celebrity Jersey Card star.

The Houston Texans battled injuries all year (including two quarterbacks), but they almost made it to the AFC championship.  Representing the Texans is Brooke Adams, model and pro wrestler.  Adams was born in St. Louis (MO), but spent most of her youth in Houston.  Recently, Adams (as Miss Tessmacher) held the TNA women's tag titles with Lisa Marie Varon (aka Tara), a favorite of Johngy's Beat.  Adams is sporting the #23 of running back Arian Foster.  Who wouldn't want to tackle her?

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Fuji said...

These are awesome... wish the Hogan card was real, I'd pick one up for my PC.