Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the Beat with Mike Bucci (Again!!)

We had already planned on covering Resistance Pro Wrestling's Rise event, when I was pleasantly surprised at the announcement that Mike Bucci would be there.  Mike is a favorite of Johngy's Beat from the great time we had with him at Wizard World.
Mike (also known as Nova, Super Nova and Simon Dean, among other monikers) had a successful career in ring.  He was part of the wildly popular bWo (Blue World Order) and he was a main reason for the success of ECW.  His talent in the ring was amazing and his innovative moves were often imitated, resulting in him inventing new moves.  He was just that good!
Mike is the "Voice of Resistance Pro".  His commentary will be appreciated by fans, but his contributions to RPW will go beyond that.  He has a brilliant mind for the business and he is extremely respectful to all.  Actually, this is a perfect partnership for Mike and RPW...and best of all the fans!
We caught up with Mike after Rise.  Mike is so cool.  It was like talking to an old friend.  We discussed his new role in RPW, his future and the Dallas Cowboys (his favorite team).  It was a real pleasure seeing Mike again.
You can go to Mike's Facebook page to learn more about him and get updates.  You should also check out to get all of the info on the talented wrestlers and the organization itself.
This concludes the series of interviews we did at Rise, Resistance Wrestling's second event, but it won't be the last of our coverage of this exciting new organization.  Johngy's Beat loves Resistance and we plan on featuring the talent of RPW along with updates.  We would like to thank Gabriel Baron (owner) for granting us access and making this a lot of fun.  We also want to thank the talent, especially Melanie Cruise, Serenity, Sassy Stephie, Cheerleader Melissa and Mike Bucci for taking time to talk to us.

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