Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mick Foley Is Indeed Good, Very Good

I really like Mick Foley.  He first appeared on my radar as a decent wrestler who worked very hard at his craft.  I watched him beat the odds and defy his critics by becoming a successful and popular wrestler who held titles everywhere he went.
When I heard he wrote a book, I didn't know what to expect, but I know it was not what I got.  His fiction books are fascinating.  They might not be classic literature, but they are very entertaining.  The stories (and messages) blew me away.
I have met Foley several times.  It is to the point that he recognizes me and jokes around on a slightly different level than he does with most people.  He even did a promo for this site (which you can find in the "Testimonials" section at the right).
One of the great things about meeting Foley is that he is liable to start a conversation on any number of topics.  Foley's interests go well beyond the wrestling ring.  You might talk about literary effects, old tv shows or even Al Snow
Recently, I was with Matt when he met Foley for the first time at a PCW event.  PCW is a local wrestling organization which always puts on entertaining shows and brings in great wrestling superstars for signings.
Foley even brought along Mr. Socko.  Foley was his usual affable self.  He joked about seeing me again and how I was doubling his fan base by bringing Matt to meet him.
Mr. Socko was his usual quiet self.
Mick Foley (with Mr. Socko), Matt Parker and me in Oak Lawn, IL-June 2011.


Fuji said...

Foley was always one of my favorites... it's good to see he's as nice as the wrestling persona I enjoyed.

Johngy said...

Mick is really great. If you look at my archives, there is a post on meeting him at Wrestlers Reunion in 2005. That was one great experience.