Friday, January 27, 2012

Tammy Sytch Starts Her Day With Johngy

Tammy Sytch is the original diva of the WWE and she is a favorite of Johngy's Beat.  She is also a Hall of Famer.
I have met Tammy several times and she has been great each time.  One of my favorite Tammy memories was seeing her in South Bend (IN) last year at the Clash at the Cove.  Because of bad weather, Tammy was delayed, but kept the promoters aware of her journey.  She finally made it about 30 minutes after the show ended, but with a lengthy line of fans still waiting to meet her.  She talked to a couple people and then saw me.  She immediately hugged me and commented how nice it was to see a friend after enduring the travel troubles.
That's how Tammy is.  She considers her loyal fans to be friends.  She remembers names and locations of many of her fans.  Yes, there is a line between real friends and fans and Tammy is a businesswoman, but she does go above and beyond the call of celebrity duty.
At Wizard World, I mentioned how her promo video (in the right column) received a lot of comments, she volunteered to do another newer version for me, including her Hall of Fame ring and banner.  It was an offer I didn't even think about refusing!  The result is shown below and also will take a permanent place in the right hand column of this site.

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J\/\/ said...

Tammy makes both of our blogs within 24 hours! What a woman!

I hope she's alright, though.