Thursday, January 19, 2012

On the Beat with Sassy Stephie

Sassy Stephie had an interesting start in pro wrestling.  Armed with some DJ experience and her love for wrestling, she became a ring announcer for a local promotion in Ohio.  This lead to her getting trained and making her wrestling debut in March of 2007.  She has gone on to hold titles in at least six organizations.  She is also the #1 contender for the Resistance Pro Wrestling Women's Championship.
At Rise, the second event held by RPW, Sassy Stephie beat Cheerleader Melissa to become the #1 contender and she will face Melanie Cruise on February 17.  I am really looking forward to this match.
I think the women's division of RPW is extremely strong.  Cruise, Sassy Stephie, Serenity and Cheerleader Melissa are an excellent top four.  These ladies can wrestle and can work the mic.
Scott Beatty (the Bobby Heenan of Johngy's Beat) interviewed Sassy Stephie after her victory last Friday.  They talk about her influences, who she likes to wrestle and her future.  I really love her thoughts on her ideal opponent.  It's a simple, but great answer.  It is really at the heart of what Sassy Stephie is.  She's a talented, smart and beautiful wrestler and entertainer.
To learn more about Sassy Stephie, you can check the Sassy Stephie Facebook page, follow Sassy Stephie on twitter. and go to Sassy Stephie's YouTube page.   You can also go to for more info and updates on Sassy Stephie and the rest of the Resistance Pro Wrestling roster.

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