Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the Beat with Serenity

One of the youngest stars of Resistance Pro Wrestling is Serenity.  The soon-to-be 21 year old already is almost a four year veteran of the squared circle.
As you will hear in the interview below, Serenity is known for her vibrant colors. The bright hues are not the only reason she stands out though.
She is a tenacious competitor, with an obvious passion and dedication for her craft.  Her tough demeanor is balanced by her big smile and exuberance.
On her twitter page, Serenity describes herself as "pretty rad".  You have to love that.  Just like you have to love the pink and purple hair.
In the interview below, Matt Parker (Johngy's Beat Executive Producer) talks to Serenity about her colors, her influences and her career.  I love Serenity's thoughts on why she got into the business.  It is such a sincere thought.  I applaud her attitude.
I wish the lighting was better, because you really need to see the spark in her eyes to get the total picture of Serenity.  I am predicting big things for this talented young wrestler.
Ar Rise, Serenity lost by pinfall to champion Melanie Cruise.  Although it was a disappointment, Serenity remains optimistic and is still in the title hunt.  Serenity should get another shot down the line and she will be ready.
After you watch the interview below, check out to learn all about this great new wrestling company.  Also, please be sure to check out ScreamnSerenity on twitter and the Serenity Facebook page.


Eric C. Loy said...

She's a good kid! Called play-by-play for several of her matches in central Illinois. She's eager to keep learning and improving.

Johngy said...

Eric-Thanks for stopping by. I really was impressed by her and actually all of the women there. Serenity just seemed so energized. It was fun to experience.